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MAVENS OF DESIGN The Interior Design practice

mavens-of-design-interior-renderMavens of Design LLC is a design firm based in LA, founded by Lucy Loneragan- an interior designer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Architecture, UNSW, Australia. The firm is comprised of highly creative interior design professionals who use the latest design software and source high quality finishes & fixtures to create exceptional interior designs. With extensive experience in high end residential, restaurant, & hotel design the Mavens of Design team work hard to maintain a reputation for innovative, timeless, quality design.

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I have so many clients who simply don’t know where to start in creating a stylish home for themselves. The Mavens of Design Blog shows them and YOU how to transform your home into the environment if your dreams, just like a design pro! I divulge to you all my best design secrets and show you where to get everything you need to make your home designer-chic. I also take you into the stunning private homes of other ‘Mavens’ such as interior designers, architects, fashion designers and artists and show you how they’ve styled their gorgeous homes as well! Once you’re done salivating over the photos, you’ll see I’ve provided you with shoppable links which let you purchase furniture, décor, lighting etc which is just like theirs – I do all the hard work for you so you don’t have to pound the pavement!

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